Building new skills!

As we dive deeper into our theme, תֵּבָה (Teyva – “Ark”), the children in Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st grade) have also been diving deeper into their feelings and opinions about the text. One skill that Nitzanim has been working hard on is listening to each other’s thoughts and then saying if we connect or agree with our peer’s idea, or if we have a different idea.

When exploring the question “Do you think the humans deserve to be wiped away by the flood?” children had the following discussion:

Child 1: “No, I don’t think they deserve it because they being mean to the world and it doesn’t mean you have to do it back to them.”

Child 2: “I don’t agree. I think they deserve that because then they wouldn’t be able to do the bad things to the earth and he [Adonai] would make new nice people.”

Child 3: “Im completely fine with it. Because they were hurting the earth and that hurts a lot of people. They chose the wrong thing but kept on doing it non-stoppedly.”

In this way, the children are learning that there are all sorts of different ideas and opinions within our Nitzanim community – how wonderful! We are going to continue to be friendly and curious like this as we explore new parts of our text.

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