Kicking off תֵּבָה Teyva – “Ark”)

We’re closing out the second week of our תֵּבָה (Teyva – “Ark”) theme, and children in Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd-3rd grades) have been full of feelings, both within themselves and for the characters in the text.

Most significantly, children are bothered by God’s decision to “wipe away the humans, animals, bugs, and birds of the sky” (Genesis 6:7). Children are feeling, “sad” and “worried” about God’s decision. They mourn the deaths of the animals and wonder how it might feel to be a lucky animal chosen to stay on the ark. They wonder why God would destroy God’s own creation, and they maintain that God should just ask the people to be better instead of destroying the humans and animals.

My goodness, Anafim, what strong skills for empathy you have. What a marvelous start to our theme!

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