Exploring our new theme in community

Over the past several weeks, we have been using several different strategies to build community through our screens in Nitzanim (“Buds,” for 1st grade). Last week, we imagined what it would feel like to all be in a sukkah together, and the children came up with words like happy, comfy, curious, excited, and cozy. This week, we put all of those words into a community agreement. Everyone’s shem (“name”) was at the bottom to show that we all promise to try to make Nitzanim feel happy, comfy, curious, excited, and cozy, each time we are together on Zoom.

With that, we were able to get CURIOUS and HAPPY and EXCITED by diving into our new theme,  תֵּבָה (teyva – “ark”). Together, we read the first part of our text. The children’s job was to listen for what was happening in the text and what their inner voice, the little me inside my head that says “woah!” or “eek!” or “I don’t understand,” was saying.

Here are a few of the things we heard:

  • “They’re doing bad things. That means that they were mean and they were fighting.”
  • “Adonai regrets making the humans.”
  • “My voice inside is saying woah because he’s taking away all the earth and all the humans”
  • [about their inner voice] “eek! Because that’s just scary.”

The children also did some drawing to show a part of the text. These children drew to show: “Adonai saw that the humans were doing so many bad things on the earth. Every idea they planned inside of them was badness, all the time.”

“So this is a girl and these are the clouds and this is the sky and these are fires and they’re fighting with swords.”
“There’s a mommy and a little girl, and a dad fighting.”

We are excited to find out what happens next in the text, and to continue building our beautiful Nitzanim community together!

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