A Virtual Sukkot Celebration

We are nearing the end of the holiday of סוכות (Sukkot)! This week, groups of nursery aged children got to celebrate together virtually. If we had met in person, each child would have had the opportunity to shake the לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog). This did not stop anyone from participating in experiencing the לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog)! While some children did have a לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog) at home, which they took out to shake, some of the children found creative ways to participate.

When hearing the sound of the לולב (lulav) shaking, one child said, “it sounds like the wind, or a maraca”, so she brought over a maraca to shake along with us. After hearing about the citrusy smell of the אתרוג (etrog), that same child brought over a citrusy smelling piece of fruit to represent an אתרוג (etrog). There were also children that had made a לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog) out of cardboard and paper.

Another child shared their picture of a לולב (lulav) and אתרוג (etrog).

I am continually struck by the joyful creativity of the children and hopeful about the joy they are able to bring into our virtual sessions. After all, another name for סוכות (Sukkot) is זמן שמחתנו – Z’man Simchateinu (Season of Our Rejoicing)!

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