Wishes for Nitzanim

This week in Nitzanim (“Buds,” for first grade children), we wrapped up the project we have been working on for the new year. This project has been helping us do the work of getting ready for a new year by doing what we’ve been calling “inside thinking.” We reflected on the past year and made wishes for the coming year.

For our last session about the new year, we spent some time thinking and drawing pictures of wishes for our kevutzah. These could be wishes about things we want to do together, like build, draw, play games, or ask big questions, or they could be wishes about how we are together – what it feels like to be together and how we treat each other. Nitzanim made some wonderful wishes that are proof of the community we have been working to build through sharing, asking questions, and being silly:

  • To do like sharing, like sharing your toys and things
  • I would think that maybe we should let each other like join into the games

We want Nitzanim to feel:

  • Happy, definitely happy
  • Exciting and welcomed
  • I feel kinda strange and happy. I feel happy because you know, Nitzanim but it’s strange because we have to do it on Zoom and it’s corona

I hope we can make all of these wishes and feelings happen this year in Nitzanim! We are already off to a great start.

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