Making Learning Fun and Active

Nitzanim (“Buds” for 1st-2nd grades) are learning the Hebrew names for parts of their bodies. We played a lot of games to get to know all these words.

 One of our favorites was a game in which one child was the model while the other was the runner. The model laid down on the floor on one side of the social hall while their teammate ran to the other side of the room. The runner picked up a card showing a picture of a body part and its name in Hebrew print and script. They ran back to the model on the floor and placed the card on the corresponding body part. The runner also had to say the name correctly while placing the card on the model’s body.

For example, if the runner picked up a card with a picture of an ayin (eye), they brought it back to the model, said “ayin” and put it on the model’s eye. 

We learn so much, and so much better, when we have fun at the same time. And all that running around is good too!

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