4th and 5th Grade in Partnership

For the next few weeks and into our new theme Eliyahu Ha’Navi, we’ll be paying special attention to listening and partnership. This week children worked in partnership with one another. Working with a partner takes different kinds of listening. What does listening look like? Sound like? Feel like?

One of the ways we explored was through navigating the Humash (Torah in book form). Each pair had a notecard with a book of the Torah, a chapter and a line. Their job was to work together to find what was on the notecard. Now, this was no small task. Children aren’t just looking for numbers but letters! They are working with Gematria which is a code that gives each letter in the Hebrew alphabet a numerical value.

As children were finished I noticed they were being asked to help other pairs. It was awesome. They used one another as a resource (without any prompting from me!). Children were eager to help their peers find the answer.

Later in the session children got in new pairs. This time they were given a category and needed to come up with 10 things in that category. As I walked around the room I heard children brainstorming together. With one pair each time one of them got an answer they yelled in unison “huzzah!”

It has been such a blast doing exercises and explorations around listening and partnership. I am excited to continue next week and debrief with the children.

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