Exploring New Vocabulary in 2nd and 3rd Grade

Happy New Year! How wonderful it is to be back together after break. 

Every few weeks we begin a new focus in our Ivrit (Hebrew) curriculum. Holiday vocabulary (Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Chanukah, etc..), numbers, classroom materials, and now the focus is on colors.

Children engage with the vocabulary in all kinds of ways. Special board games, matching, various card games, and more. One of our favorite ways it through Ivrit b’Tenuah (Hebrew through movement). A number of games where children use their whole bodies to explore new vocabulary. Running around to find a specific color or trying to collect and say as many colors as possible in 30 seconds!

Using watercolor children created their own color charts. When the charts are dry, children will label and keep it in their Ivrit (Hebrew) binder for anytime they need to reference it.

Making materials is not only a support for children but investment in their own learning. This was such a hit and I know something we’ll continue to do together!

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