Pinat Shalom

There is a very special place in one corner of Beit Nitzanim. It’s called Pinat Shalom (“Peace Corner”). When it was introduced a few weeks ago, children practiced how to use Pinat Shalom to resolve conflicts. This week we saw it in action. 

The children shared trays of small, natural building materials to build scenes from Genesis 3. 

When Child #1 wanted to use a material on another pair’s tray, she asked if she could trade for something on her tray. Child #2 did not want to make the trade, so both children went to Pinat Shalom. They followed the steps, agreed on a solution, and resumed building.  

Pinat Shalom gives children the tools to work together to resolve conflict in ways that feel comfortable to both parties. This is why we took the time at the beginning of the school year to establish a Pinat Shalom and practice using it. Go Nitzanimers! You got this!

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