Sep 20

A Community of Kindness

The children in Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten) have started the year working on being a community where we all take care of each other by being kind to each other. There were so many examples of children being kind this week:

We welcomed guests for a Rosh Hashanah celebration!

Come in!… Welcome to our house!

We helped get the house ready for a Rosh Hashanah celebration!

Will you help me put on the table cloth?

We took turns using stencils when making Rosh Hashanah cards!

Can I have that שנה טובה (shanah tovah/ have a good Jewish new year) stencil when you are finished?

We built together and shared building materials.

We worked together to sing aleph-bet (the hebrew alphabet):

We can both hold it!
Let’s sing it together!

Kol Hakavod Shorashim (‘roots’ for nursery) and Shteelim (‘saplings’ for Kindergarten), for all of the things you are doing to make our space feel full of kindness!

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