A Discovery-Filled First Day

We started our VERY FIRST theme of the year on the VERY FIRST day of Nitzanim with a trip to visit the Torah! And guess what else?!? Our text is the VERY FIRST words of the whole Torah! Wow, that’s a lot of firsts!

Nitzanim first and second graders were ready with their keen skills for observation and their insatiable curiosity.

Maybe the Torah lives in an aron (ark) to “keep it safe.”

Child 1: Is this the real (original, first) Torah?

Child 2: Maybe the real one is with the first Jewish people on earth 

Child 3: I agree with him. Maybe so there’s no arguing [over who gets to have the first Torah]. 

Child 1: Maybe it’s in a museum 

Child 4: Maybe the people who go to their temple don’t say, “we have the oldest Torah, and you’ve only got copies.” 

Child 2: Maybe they make many real ones.

Child 1: Yeah they’re all real ones, but the first one.

Child 1: It’s like real gold

Child 2: I think it’s a mailbox

Child 3: No, it’s a Shabbat box. People put money in it on Shabbat for people who don’t have money.

Morah Sara: Do you mean a tzedakah box?


“These [crowns] look like plants [on top of the letters.”

Wow, Nitzanim! What an exciting first week of discoveries!

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