A new project

It’s hard to believe that we only have a few weeks left before we say goodbye for the summer. Nitzanim children are beginning to reflect on all of the learning, playing, and growing we’ve done as a community this year.

Today we started working on a final project that makes visible the immense kindness and love these children have for each other.

Step one? Interviews!

Last week, children brainstormed a list of questions they wanted to ask each other like, “What theme or Jewish holiday was your favorite this year?” and “What project were you the most proud of?” Children are asking each other these questions in pairs, listening closely, and very carefully taking notes.

Step two? Kind notes.

Children are writing post-its to each other with kind words and wishes. How exciting to write and receive anonymous notes!

Children jumped right in, overjoyed to be starting our super special final project. I can’t wait for them to share it with you!

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