Rut-ing Around for Examples

This week in Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd and 3rd grade), we’ve been digging into Megillat Rut for examples of nosei v’ol im chaveiro (helping a friend carry a burden). Children have identified a bunch of possible examples of nosei v’ol im chaveiro in the text. Some have said that Rut going to pick barley was helping Naomi carry a burden by providing food for both of them. Others added that Boaz making sure that Rut got enough barley was also helping her carry a burden. And others postulated that maybe Adonai ending the famine was a way of carrying the burden of the people in Bethlehem.

Along with these new ideas about our theme, children have opened themselves up to new ways of exploring text.

This week alone, we’ve had two performances! One was a puppet show detailing Rut’s adventures picking barley.

And of course, after the show, there was a very thoughtful questions and comments session between the audience and the writer/director/performer.

Then, a group shared their ideas about Megillat Rut and nosei v’ol im chaveiro through an original song!

I’m so glad we have so much creative joy heading into our end of the year project!

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