WHAT are we learning?

One of the things I love most about doing projects with children is being together in that moment of new insight. It’s like a jolt of lighting that flashes between all of us.

I can’t know in advance what the children will find striking about the content we’re exploring. So when that connection happens, we experience the intensity of the discovery itself and also the marvel that it happened at all. (I wish for all of you readers a workplace that seeks such moments!)

Here are a few of the moments that surprised us all this week and sent electrical energy through our room.

“You want some aspects of your wedding to be more traditional, like, old and passed down. The ketubah should feel like a contract, I think. The ones that say, ‘valid and binding’ at the end feel more serious. I don’t think think it should end with ‘join hands in peace and love.'”
This middle schooler had assumed he would have his 15th century character’s mom be the rabbi, and an aunt sign the ketubah, but he was astounded to find out that women weren’t allowed!
“You could always have [made your wedding ketubah] egalitarian, but no not many people really did …Now, since more people are doing it, more people think of it as an actual option.”

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