Deepening Our Thinking Through Text

Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd and 3rd grade) opened up our new theme, Nosei v’ol im chaveiro (helping a friend carry a burden), with so many big ideas about what that phrase could mean. Children talked about how sometimes we help our friends physically carry stuff — like grocery bags, or boxes, or toys. But they also were quick to widen their thinking; sometimes the heavy stuff that we help carry isn’t just physical, but it’s also metaphorical — like helping friends through sadness, loss, or injury.

To push our thinking even further, we explored a text from Megillat Rut. At this point in the year, Anafimers are pros at hearing a text and remembering the entire plot and the important details. They quickly got to work building, drawing, and making scripts about what we heard in Megillat Rut.

“Naomi is crying because her whole family died.”
“This table will be where Naomi started, and this one will be where she moves to when they run out of food.”

At the end of the day, we gathered up to put our heads together: What might be some examples of nosei v’ol im chaveiro in the text of Megillat Rut?

Anafimers postulated that maybe Rut’s refusal to leave Naomi alone after her husband and sons died is an example of nosei v’ol im chaveiro.

One child explained, “Rut didn’t leave [Naomi’s] side. She’s trying to go through it with her so that Rut can understand what she’s feeling. She wants to help; instead of leaving her, she wants to pick her up from her sadness.”

Wow! It sounds like there’s a lot more to dive into in this example of nosei v’ol im chaveiro!

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