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We’re on the second day of our new theme, נוֹשֵׂא בְעֹל עִם חֲבֵרוֹ
(Nosei v’ol im chaveiro–Help a friend carry a burden), and today children told stories of times they helped a friend with something difficult.

We’re beginning to generate examples of different kinds of burdens like the burden of chores or tasks, hurt feelings, injuries, indecision, or self-doubt. It’s still difficult, though. Helping a friend carry a burden doesn’t always result in a solution. It doesn’t always solve the problem, and that’s hard for Nitzanim. Nitzanim children firmly believe in happy endings.

Here are some of the examples from today’s storytellers:

  • “…she trips…her sister said, ‘I’ll help you do your chores ’cause you got hurt.'”
  • “Elsa can’t figure out something to make with her icy creations. Her friend Aurora…gives her some ideas of something to build.”
  • “It was really hard finding the pearler beads. My friend Bryson helped me find the pearler beads [so that I could finish the gift I was making.]”
  • “My dad was building the bed, and I was helping him.”
  • “I saw someone get made fun of, and I told the teacher.”

More to come as we continue unpacking our new theme!

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