Celebrating Our Community

This Pesach (Passover), Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd and 3rd grade) has a lot that we’re celebrating! Lately, we’ve been talking about what it looks like to be a kind, caring member of our community. One place we’ve been focusing on this is kibud (“snack”), where we’ve been practicing giving friendly greetings to our conversation partners, asking them questions, and listening closely to their answers.

This week, kibud partners have been interviewing each other about how they celebrated Pesach or spent time over the weekend. Anafimers treated each other with kindness and sincerity as they inquired about their classmates’ experiences and traditions.

We’ve also been experiencing what it’s like to be a member of the Jewish Enrichment Center community as a whole, since our Pesach celebrations have given us exciting opportunities to spend time with other kevutzot (groups).

When building parts of Exodus 1-15 with younger kevutzot (groups), Anafim children enthusiastically collaborated with their younger peers, sharing ideas and working together to build some intricate creations.

There were also some remarkable moments of connection between children in different groups in our communal read-in to end the day!

I can’t wait to head into our final theme with such a strong commitment to all of the ways in which we can care for each other and help each other learn!

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