Helping Ourselves and Each Other During Zeman Ivrit (Hebrew Time)

It’s spring quarter (can you believe it?), and by now Nitzanim children know A LOT of strategies for helping themselves and each other during זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time).

  • “Sit in a quiet, calm place.”
  • “Talk in a regular voice.”
  • “Practice many times.”
  • “Give a friend an Aleph-Bet chart.”
  • “Say to a friend, ‘I don’t agree with you about that sound.'”

All year we talk about and label strategies so that children can continue to grow their toolbox for being autonomous, caring learners in our community. By noticing the strategies aloud, children become more cognizant of the choices they could make during זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time).

And what a focused, productive זמן עברית (zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time) we had yesterday with children helping themselves and each other learn! I heard so many children saying consonant and vowel sounds on every turn, I saw children inviting each other to play, and I saw children playing Hebrew games the whole time!

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