Nitzanim’s Got It in the Bag

With Pesach (Passover) just around the corner, Nitzanim has started designing their very own matzah bags! This week’s work involved creating and tracing a picture of what we thought was the ‘hard stuff’ and the ‘awesome stuff’ of Exodus 1-15, a story some Jewish people might choose to read during seder.

Nitzanim worked diligently to get the lines on their draft just how they wanted them. Most focused on the ‘awesome stuff’ at the end of Exodus 1-15. What was so awesome?


“Being free”

And, Niztanim was ready to lend a hand when peers needed!

Child one: I don’t know how to draw people!

Child two: Here, I can show you how I do it

After a session full of deep focus, exploring new ways to use line, and seeing how our friends make artistic choices, we are ready to start etching our stamps!

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