Pesach Is On Its Way!

There is a lot of excitement about getting ready for Pesach (Passover) in שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten).

These children are preparing for our sensory experience with foods that might be on a seder plate, starting with charoset (made with, shredded/chopped apples, banana, cinnamon, and grape juice).

Tasting our charoset!

“This is my yum, I want more face!”

Making a seder plate!

Getting ready for a seder!

One of the Kindergarteners working on Ma Nishtana (the four questions) and picking which of the four parts we should sing next!

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