Sprinting Towards Pesach

Anafim is back from spring break and ready for Pesach (Passover)!! These second and third graders came already remembering so many things about Pesach (Passover) — like the things that go on the seder plate, the 10 plagues, and the text from Exodus that chronicles the Israelites getting out of slavery in Mitzrayim (Egypt).

Even with all of the stuff we already knew about Pesach, we started by going back to the text in Exodus to refresh our memories and see if we noticed any new stuff.

After this close look at the text, Anafimers were ready to move their bodies around. We headed to the social hall for some Pesach vocab relay races. Children sprinted their hearts out and cheered their teammates on all while taking the time to slowly sound out the vocab cards with key words from the seder plate and the Four Questions.

After a quick breather, we headed back to build, draw, and make books about parts of the Pesach story.

Right away, children were sharing some big questions and ideas about the Pesach text:

“Moshe must have been pretty scared when Adonai told him to talk to Par’oh.”

“I wonder what Par’oh thought when his daughter brought home Moshe?”

“I wonder what it was like to be an Egyptian person who went through all the plagues?”

We’ve got a lot of Pesach running, discussing, and creating ahead of us!

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