Is it Purim Yet?

We’ve added the finishing touches to our projects, edited our artist statements, and took one final moment to share our work with each other. And now Anafim cannot wait to share their projects with the world at our Family Exploration and Celebration on Sunday!

In the meantime, we’ve started our exploration of Purim! Without me even bringing it up, Anafimers arrived this week asking, “Is it Purim yet? Can we make masks!?”

Before we got to the masks, we refreshed our memories with a reading of Megillat Esther. After hearing each part of the story, children collaborated to make a building showing what was going on.

And then it was the moment they had all been waiting for . . . MASKS!

In addition to an array of colorful masks, Anafimers enjoyed a very dramatic Purim puppet show.

Rumor has it that there are some more puppet shows set to premiere next week in Beit Anafim. Stay tuned for exclusive photos and behind-the-scenes shots from these forthcoming productions!!

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