An Update About Grandma Edna

Yes, it looks like one of Edna’s granddaughters will be heading to the wedding canopy!

In the meantime, the creators of Edna are wrestling with a challenge we all face: how do we work for change on our planet?

With a peer, one of Edna’s creators (right) read articles about three different organizations related to clean beaches and oceans. One organization works to elect officials who support laws banning plastic use; one organization lobbies lawmakers and encourages wilderness excursions; and the third organization organizes beach clean-ups.

Which organization, if any, are right for Edna, who cares about animals and cleans up beaches as a volunteer?

In the end, Edna’s creator didn’t make a final decision. Instead, she said she needs to consult with Edna’s other creator so they can make the decision together. After all, our middle schooler recognized, her choice affects someone else.

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