It’s the final countdown…!

Step into our learning space any day this week, and you’ll feel the palpable excitement in the air. With only a few sessions remaining until our Family Exploration and Celebration, the children in Anafim v’Alonim have been immersed in their final l’hitpalel (“to pray”) projects.

Each child is pursuing an inquiry area that is most relevant to them and working individually on a concept of their design. Throughout the kevutzah, children are using a wide variety of materials, drawing on explorations not only from this theme, but from all of their years at the Jewish Enrichment Center. These include tempera paint, acrylic paint, markers, watercolor, and charcoal. But the diversity of projects doesn’t end there! Children have made intentional decisions about the size and type of paper they use and have chosen techniques that show their ideas in complex and interesting ways.

We have continued our practice of sharing our progress during ma’agal siyyum (closing circle), either as a Museum “Walk” or a Quick Whip. Through repetition, the children are becoming more comfortable with this routine and its component skills – clearly summarizing their ideas and actively listening to their peers’ ideas. It also adds a layer of accountability for making progress and an opportunity for interpersonal connection. This often sounds like “I like…” or “I wonder…”, but as we are grappling with how to bring ideas to life, children also offer feedback and suggestions to each other.

It seems surreal that our l’hitpalel theme is almost over. (Didn’t we just launch a couple days ago?!) But the evidence of nine weeks well spent can be found in the new and rich ideas coming through the children’s art, words, and actions, as we synthesize and celebrate all of our amazing and Jewish ways l’hitpalel.

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