Creating and Collaborating

With just a few sessions left until the Family Exploration and Celebration, Beit Anafim is abuzz with excitement towards wrapping up their final projects.

Each child is immersed in a unique project that both showcases their distinctive ideas about לְהִתְפַּלֵל (L’hitpalel) and challenges them to express those thoughts and feelings in a modality that interests them. Some are writing and illustrating books, some are creating multimedia stories using iPads, and others are building using a wide array of materials.

Amidst this impassioned work on their individual projects, Anafimers have been eager to share their creations with their peers.

During kibud (“snack”), children read parts of their stories out loud to a partner, with the partner drawing what they heard and responding with something they liked about the story and a question they had. Through their questions, children helped each other clarify their stories and deepen their ideas.

After a spirited session of working on our projects, children connected again to share the progress they had made. This time, after closely listening to their partner share their ideas, children responded with a statement starting with “That’s different than my idea because . . .”

As children continue to deepen their understandings and appreciate the plurality of viewpoints in our community, we can’t wait to share our final projects at the Family Exploration and Celebration!

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