Similar and different

We’re in week two of frenzied final project mode in Beit Nitzanim, but today we took a few moments to slow down and share. Children took turns telling their לְהִתְפַּלֵל (L’hitpalel) stories to a peer. They showed photos of their buildings, explained project planning pages, and some of our big first grade readers even read their stories aloud.

Listeners drew a picture of their peer’s story or wrote down a key phrase to help them remember. These careful listeners asked their partners clarifying questions to make sure that their pictures captured every detail.

As our sharing came to a close, children noticed that their stories might be similar because, “both of our stories have a Temple” or “our characters pray to God.” We also noticed differences like, “My character is saying a ‘please’ prayer and his character is saying a ‘thank you’ prayer.”

How wonderful that our different stories celebrate the unique perspectives of each incredible child in our community! We can’t wait to share our stories with you at Family Exploration and Celebration on March 10th!

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