Coming Home

“Oh, I remember this!” “I’m so proud of this!”

Our imaginary characters are back! The energy in our room skyrocketed. Everyone talked at once (which isn’t very different from how the middle schoolers usually interact with each other).

We’ve said good-bye to a few beloved characters. The creator of Big Shaq, our Roman soldier who wished people would see him as less foolish and more like the great fighter he is – our middle schooler decided that Big Shaq would stay in the past. (Amazing, yes?)

Our lonely grandmother, Edna, will be returning. But how lonely is she, exactly? It appears that “she has a crush” on Louis, a gentleman she sees when she walks in the park.

Edna’s not the only one. It’s clear that relationships will be a major part of our characters’ lives.

“Is Bartolo Jewish?” someone asked. Simultaneously, Bartolo’s creator paused to consider while another kid nodded vigorously. The jury is still out on Bartolo. Two boys considering minor league baseball player characters made plans to marry women named Sarah and Rachel.

One thing is very clear to me as we head back into our imaginary world. These middle schoolers are directing their lives, I mean, their characters’ lives. All I can do is help them think through their choices and keep reflecting on them.

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