Ivrit Update

It’s AMAZING how much עברית (Ivrit–Hebrew) Nitzanim children have learned this year, and it’s only February! First grade Nitzanim’s Hebrew program focuses on playing with the sounds of Hebrew consonants and vowels. We’re onto our FIFTH vowel, and children couldn’t be more proud!

It was time for a little shake up of our Hebrew shelves, and children jumped right into some new games to test out their consonant+vowel confidence. Here are some of our current favorites:

Vowels turners. Children take turns spinning the wheel and saying the sounds of the consonant+vowel.
Singing the Alef-bet together to check out the new vowel sound.
A game of slap! Children take turns flipping over the card. The first person to say the consonant+vowel sound and slap the card gets to keep it.
More happy slapping.

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