Overheard in Beit Nitzanim

Child 1 & Child 2 are playing tseva (color) pick-up sticks. Children take turns trying to pickup a stick without moving any of the sticks in the pile. If they successfully lift a stick, they must say the Hebrew name of the colored dot on the stick.

Child 1: You have to say the tseva (color) every time.

Child 2: I don’t know what it is!

Child 1: I know where to look.

(Child 1 & Child 2 run across the room to the color chart on the wall.)

Child 1: It’s this one. What’s the first sound?

Child 2: I don’t know. I don’t read Hebrew.

Child 1: Look at the alef-bet chart. Sound it out. Sha…

Child 2: Shachor (black)?

Child 1: Yeah! Let’s keep playing.

What a gorgeous moment between two children! What patience and compassion Child 1 showed for her peer, who insisted that the task was too difficult. Look at all the beautiful things that are possible when children have the skills, confidence, and initiative to be drive their own learning AND feel connected and responsible for the learning of others.

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