Growing up?

Snippets from this week’s conversations about becoming B-Mitzvah (which happens whether or not we choose to celebrate it, which is important, because not all of us are sure that we want to have a public ritual)…

“I really think Torah should be part of your Bat Mitzvah. It’s not just about reading Torah. But a Bat Mitzvah without Torah…Torah’s like, so important.”

“Being an adult means you’re more responsible for yourself. There’s no one to fall back on.”

“You’re not just responsible for keeping your kids safe, but you have to be there for them.”

“After your Bat Mitzvah, you should take more responsibility for housekeeping, like doing the dishes and cleaning up and stuff. You should do what you can to help out.”

“After becoming Bat Mitzvah, you should participate in Torah study. Like, on days when the Torah is read, you could go study Torah. It’s a skill you have, and you shouldn’t be excused from doing it.”

“You shouldn’t be treated like an adult. You can do more, but you shouldn’t be expected to do it all.”

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