Diving Deep

WHAT a week in Anafim v’Alonim! Children have been deepening their ideas about l’hitpalel through a variety of modalities, including painting, building, and poetry.

They have worked independently and with peers in partnerships and small groups. This has not only fostered their social skills and communication skills, but has opened up more opportunities to interact with each other’s ideas about this theme. We have also continued to explore Channah’s tefillah (prayer) in the first book of Samuel with chavrutah (learning partners).

Children have often worked in pairs and small groups to share perspectives and techniques. These collaborations have brought out such rich ideas and feelings. They have also been presenting their work to the whole group and taking pride in each other’s creations. To this end, children have been documenting the process themselves as photographers, and using the Seesaw app to see their ideas over time, view other’s ideas, and respond to their peers.

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