Heading into the Field

As anthropologists investigating our new theme, להתפלל (L’hitpalel), we’ve asked LOTS of questions. When we looked closely at pictures and videos of להתפלל (L’hitpalel), we noticed that some people were wearing  טליתות (talitot). The second and third graders were curious — why would someone wear a טלית (talit)? When do they wear it? How do they feel when they wear it?

To find out, we headed into the field and down the hall to continue our research by interviewing members of our community.

We learned that in some of the communities in which the adults grew up, girls did not get to wear טליתות (talitot), so it’s important to these adults that they get to wear them now. We also learned that some people feel loved or surrounded when they wear a טלית (talit).

Children chose different ways of creating books to present their findings to the rest of the group. Some children worked on iPads and some made illustrations to show the results of their interviews.

I can’t wait to dig deeper into our inquiry!

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