Opening Text In L’hitpalel!

On Sunday in Beit Anafim v’Alonim (branches” and “oak trees” for 4th and 5th grades), we started our FIRST text of this theme,  להתפלל (L’hitpalel). We read from the first book of Samuel 1:11.  The beginning of this text talks about Channah and her inability to conceive. She prays to Adonai to give her a child.  That’s when we stopped the text for that day, what a cliffhanger!

After Morah Miryam read the text out loud, children continued exploring further in chavruta (partners in learning).  Here are a couple of the questions:

  • “How did Channah feel inside in this part of the text?”
  • “What was the cause of her feelings?”

Here are some words children used to describe what Channah was going through: confused, depressed, unlucky, sad, and concerned.  

This was out first time working in chavruta (partners in learning) since last theme and there was quite a bit of joy in the room which brought our such RICH conversation and lots of laughter.

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