Questions lead to more questions

Last week, we launched our brand new theme, להתפלל (L’hitpalel) with close looking and LOTS and LOTS of questions.

In their initial investigation, first grade anthropologists noticed that people were wearing, “prayer scarves,” or, טליתות (talitot). 

  • “My mom wears that to Minyan Gadol!”
  • “Hey, my rabbi wears one.”
  • “What are those?”

Given our beginning interest in טליתות (talitot), these budding anthropologists got up close and personal with the טלית (talit). Some children tried them on. We said the shema while wearing them. We noticed that they had, “four long strings” and “colorful stripes.”

And our close looking at the טליתות (talitot) gave children even MORE questions: “Why do people wear a טלית (talit)? What are they for anyways?” children asked. Awesome!

What better way to continue our investigation than to ask some real people?!

Our anthropologists first practiced introducing themselves to each other, and asking our research questions.

Then it was interview time!

Children found out that some grown-ups wear טליתות (talitot) because it says so in the Torah. Other grown-ups wear a טלית (talit) because they didn’t get to wear one when they were younger or because their טלית (talit) is a gift from someone who loves them. And grown-ups might feel protected, wrapped up, or happy when they wear a טלית (talit).

Children worked together on a book to share their investigation results with the rest of the community. And guess what, we STILL have new questions!

What an exciting investigation we’ve begun, Nitzanim! I can’t wait to see where your curiosity will take us!

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