A Squid and an Orca Under the Chuppah

A wedding! A wedding! Um, what’s in a Jewish wedding?

Middle School has been exploring Jewish weddings. Turns out that there’s A LOT that’s different about a Jewish wedding from a “TV wedding.”

First of all, we had a TON of new words and concepts to understand: what’s a ketubah? why are there two ceremonies – kiddushin and nisuin – under the chuppah? what’s yichud, and why would the newly married couple go off by themselves for 10-15 minutes after the ceremony, when all their guests are waiting to celebrate with them? And Rabbi Rebecca, you didn’t tell us about the kiss – when does the kiss happen?

Would you please share your wedding stories with our middle schoolers? They’re trying to figure out how to navigate their Jewishness as part of American society. What choices did you make at your wedding, and what do you think of those choices today?

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