Launching Our New Exploration

“What do YOU want our next topic to be?” I asked the middle schoolers.

“Can we do something with our imaginary characters? Please? Please!!”

Absolutely! Do you, dear reader, remember Jackyn, our first-year college student on the cheerleading squad, who Skypes her long-distance boyfriend to light Shabbat candles together, but then turns off her cell phone until noon the next day? How about Big Shaq, our foolish Roman soldier, who chooses to work out with his son on Shabbat because he wants to provide for his family the best he can, and be the best soldier he can be, and then maybe people will stop thinking he’s so foolish?

Oh, how we love our imaginary characters!

In Middle School, we’re opening up several different topics, and then we’ll see how they relate to our characters’ lives. Who knows what will come next?

We’ve already started considering the intersection of Judaism and organ donation. This week, we started to look at Jewish weddings. (Yes!! We’ve already heard that we might have a wedding this spring…)

May every educator be blessed, as I am, to have children who are so excited to create their own Jewish learning.

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