Growing Skills for Partner Work

I continue to be struck by the way that Nitzanim children have been delighted all year to work with a partner. We’ve worked so hard as a community to intentionally build our skills for kind partnership, and I’ve been amazed to see how seriously children take up this challenge. Check out everything we’ve been practicing:

We’re practicing partnering with every child in the kevutzah (group) in a friendly way. (Hey, did you know that the big kids work on this, too?!? That makes Nitzanim pretty pumped!)

We’ve got awesome skills for negotiating who is going to be the first “talker” and who is going to be the first “listener.” If we can’t decide with words, we play rock-paper-scissors.

We’ve done some practice talking with a partner to come up with an idea and then having each pair share an idea with the whole group.

Now, we’re doing something even tricker. It’s each partner’s responsibility to listen closely to what their partner said and share their partner’s idea with the whole group.

Wow, Nitzanim. I can’t wait to see what we try next!

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