Concluding Chanukah with Creativity

This week in Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” for 4th and “Oak Trees” for 5th grade), children have been putting the finishing touches on their Chanukah projects. These exemplify the range of ideas and learning styles that make our kevutzah (learning community) so wonderfully complex! Some children created a diorama, some made their own memes; others composed music, produced a stop motion film, wrote a skit, painted, sketched, and MORE!

The joy has been palpable as children have worked together on these short projects. They are just as excited to use technology as they are to dive in with a pile of cardboard boxes. In Anafim v’Alonim, creativity is a point of pride. So, as children finished their projects, they took the opportunity to present to their peers and share ideas.

Three endings to the Chanukah story + three children + an iPad = hilarity!


Now, for a relaxing Winter Break. When we come back, we’ll hit the ground running with new ivrit (“Hebrew”) learning, new yetzirah (“art/creativity”), and perhaps most exciting… a new theme! Stay tuned!

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