Chanukah Continues In Anafim v’Alonim!

This week in Anafim v’Alonim (“Branches” for 4th grade and “Oak Trees” for 5th) are powering through their Chanukah projects.  There are three possible endings to the Chanukah story that children have been exploring for the past couple of weeks.  Some children are comparing the different endings while others are digging deep into one or two.


Some children are recreating the story through a skit!



…others a movie reel!


“We are making water colors of the most important scenes in all three endings,”  Wow!! The detail!!


Today two children took on the challenge of building the destruction of the second Temple in Jerusalem.  During the process WOW such interesting ideas were flowing!!

“People then were sad because all of their important stuff that was destroyed. It was their important things like the alter for sacrifices, pillars that support the building.”

“I think they [the Jews] can do whatever they wan’t [in reference to assimilation to Greek culture] but back then I think it would be a tighter cut like if you did certain stuff you wouldn’t be a Jew anymore.  Like eat non-kosher food or make sacrifices to other gods.  Now I don’t have to keep kosher but I can still consider myself a Jew.  [It is determined by] how others perceive you.


We are so excited to see how it all comes together!!!


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