Celebrating Hanukkah in Shalom Chaverim

Over the past two weeks, the zero to three years olds (and their grown-ups!) in Shalom Chaverim have been celebrating and exploring Hanukkah together.

There were ritual objects to explore in many ways. The children discovered hanukkiyot buried in the sensor table, in stories, in singing, and even through artistic expression.

As the children developed a deeper understanding of what a hanukkiyah is, and how we use it, they set to work (with the support of a grown up!) to create their own.

It was exciting to observe the children painting with careful focus and attention. “I am making mine so beautiful,” remarked one child as he worked.


We continue exploring symbols of Hanukkah in our play. The children used tiny tea lights to build their own hanukkiyot, carefully counting out 8 candles and one shamash.

In play dough, the children used cookie cutters to form dreidels and hanukkiyah.

And, of course, we learned together that Hanukkah is a happy holiday for special time together, and of course special treats! The children made their own Hanukkah cookies and enjoyed them at kibud.

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