Can you believe it’s already December? Where has the time gone? It feels like only yesterday that Nitzanim children were starting a new year in a new space with a new morah (teacher). Children have grown and learned so much since September! There’s so much to celebrate!
We’re celebrating the way that children tried a Chanukah think-pair-share today with a new partner! Children figured out who would be the first talker and who would be the first listener. Then, each group took turns sharing their ideas for the whole group!
We’re celebrating all of the our Hebrew learning so far! At the beginning of the year, children didn’t know the Hebrew vowels kamatz, patach, or chirik and now they confidently say the sounds all three Hebrew vowels make.
We’re celebrating the close of our first theme and children’s AMAZING final projects that they couldn’t wait to share with each other. In their projects, children discuss issues in the text that really bothered them like favoritism and fairness, how parents should treat their children, and how brothers should act.
Wow, Nitzanim!

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