Chanukah Joy

It’s finally Chanukah! Every child at the Jewish Enrichment Center has worked SO HARD to finish up their final project for our Ya’akov v’Esav theme. They can’t wait to share their work and continue the conversation at our Family Celebration and Exploration in just a few days!

With the projects wrapped up, we’re diving into exploring the Chanukah story. Children have been building and drawing to show their interpretations of the texts that tell us about Chanukah. These Anafimers (“Branches” for second and third grade) even worked together to share the story out loud with their friends!


And after all of the drama and excitement of the Chanukah story, we all look forward to taking a moment to pause to marvel at the beauty of the Chanukah candles and play a friendly game of סְבִיבוֹן (“sevivon” – dreidel).



See you on Sunday at the Family Exploration and Celebration!

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