Shabbat Explorations in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim marked the conclusion of our exploration of the holiday of Shabbat (for now!) Over the past several weeks, the toddlers and their grown ups in Shalom Chaverim have been busily exploring many of the symbols of Shabbat: special foods, candlesticks, and other ritual objects.

The children had opportunities to paint, as they created their own spice bags to use for Havdallah, and created paintings of Kiddush cups and candlesticks.

The children created their own versions of special Shabbat treats, first using delicious smelling cinnamon play dough, and then using real ingredients to make dabo, an Ethiopian Shabbat bread.

If you are interested in trying out dabo in your home, here is the recipe we used.

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