Gathering Our Big Ideas

In Beit Anafim (“Branches” for 2nd and 3rd grade), we are gearing up to start our final projects about Ya’akov and Esav (Jacob and Esau)! For our project, we’re asking ourselves, “Which part of the text do I think is most important to Ya’akov and Esav’s relationship?” We’ll use collages to show that part of the text and why we think it’s SO important to these brothers and how they treat each other. But first, we’re building and making drafts to really think through our big ideas. 

We’re finding that we have a lot different ideas about the most important part of the text!

“The grabbing the heel part is the start of their relationship. It causes mayhem and distress . .  They’re mad at each other and they were born mad at each other.”



When Ya’akov dreams of messengers of God going up and down a ladder, “it made Ya’akov more brave because he learned that God was going to help him . . . Ya’akov sees himself as a totally different person.”



“The part where Esav says he wants to kill Ya’akov is important because you only get one life. [Even though Esav wants to kill him] Ya’akov’s not sorry.”


How amazing to craft our own interpretations of the text and share them with each other!

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