Can we hear the next part of the text?!

Lately, a lot of Anafimers have been arriving with the same question on their brain — “When can we hear the next part of the text?!” As we settle into kibud (“snack”), the anticipation of hearing what happens next in the lives of Ya’akov and Esav is palpable. As we’ve been nearing the end of the text, Anafimers have had a lot of ideas about who Ya’akov was wrestling with in Genesis 32 and what Ya’akov is thinking.

“This is Ya’akov wrestling with god. He just wrestled with god. No other person would do that just — randomly wrestle with a person and bless them. You wouldn’t bless a person you just wrestled. God is magical, he would do it.”


“I’m drawing an angel and devil on Ya’akov’s shoulder. He’s trying to decide if he should say he’s sorry. I don’t think he’s actually sorry.”


“This is Ya’akov wrestling with 400 men, because the text says ‘you wrestled with god and men.’ Ya’akov figured out he might have done the wrong things. Esav should forgive him . . . Maybe Ya’akov is still mad at his brother for trying to kill him. Esav is still mad, he’s meeting him with all those men, why else would he bring so many men?”


Wow! We’re all so excited to keep reading and thinking together!



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