New Hebrew Challenges Rock!

There is a flurry of excitement and industriousness in Beit Nitzanim during זמן עברית (Zeman Ivrit–Hebrew time) these days. With so many choices, children can find a way to play that’s just right for them and feel confident about their learning. Here are just a few of our favorite ways to play recently:

These two children have been working on an Alef-Bet book for a few weeks. Their book has handwritten pages of Hebrew letters in print and script. Each letter also has its own page where they’ve written a few words that contain the focal letter.

Yesterday these partners took on a new challenge, Hebrew script! They worked to match Hebrew script letters with their corresponding Hebrew print letters. It was a little tricky sometimes, but by helping each other and talking it out, they matched up every letter!

These children tested out a brand new Hebrew gematria dice challenge. Gematria is a method of assigning each Hebrew letter a numerical value. It’s the system used in the Torah to refer to פרק (perek–chapter) and פסוק (pasuk–verse) numbers. These two rolled a dice and wrote down the Hebrew letters corresponding to 1-6. These friends loved the challenge so much that they filled the front AND back of their worksheets!

Way to go, Nitzanim!

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