Exploring Shabbat in Shalom Chaverim

This week in Shalom Chaverim, the children began an exploration of Shabbat. Of course, the way young children explore just about any concept is through rich sensory exploration– so, together with our grown ups, that’s exactly what we did.

Through stories and songs and games, we heard about some of the special foods Jewish people around the world eat on Shabbat (including challah!) The children used sweet-smelling, cinnamon play dough to create their own Shabbat treats for play-eating and sharing with one another.

There were special Shabbat objects to find, hiding under oatmeal inside our sensory table.

There was also building to do to create a special table to hold our Shabbat creations!

Then, the children worked together to make their own treat that might be eaten on Shabbat– real challah. Following a recipe, the children measured out yeast, salt, flour, oil and water into a big bowl, examining each ingredient closely and stirring the mixture.

It takes strong muscles to make bread dough! After our dough came together, the children dove in with both hands, kneading their sections of dough and forming it into beautiful forms and shapes (and even adding one more special ingredient– chocolate chips!)


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