New Layers of Meaning

This week in Anafim (“Branches” for second and third graders) we began experimenting with different ways to add meaning to the collages we are making in the Yetzirah (“Art/Creativity”) studio.

We practiced layering, a technique that involves making choices about what will fill the background and what will go in the foreground.


Children had different ideas about how to use this strategy to express their ideas about the text.

One child (art above) used different צְבָעִים (tzva’im– colors) to show that each character had their own thoughts and feelings during the part of the text in which Rivka (Rebecca) overhears Yitzchak (Isaac) telling Esav (Esau) to hunt him some meat so that his soul may bless him.

The סָגוֹל (sagol–purple) shows that, “he (Yitzchak) is happy and satisfied because he thinks he’s going to give a blessing to his favorite son.”

The צָהוֹב (tzahov– yellow) shows that Esav is, “excited, he doesn’t know Rivka (Rebecca) is going to help Ya’akov (Jacob).”

the וָרוֹד (varod — pink) shows Rivka (Rebecca) as, “happy and excited because she can help Ya’akov get more happy by tricking the dad into getting his blessing.”


Another child (art above) used the background to indicate their prediction of what will happen next in the text. They drew two hills to show the part of the text in which Ya’akov (Jacob) is traveling with 400 men and many animals to his brother Esav (Esau). Writing ‘Revenge’ in the sky this child said, “Gifts aren’t going to change anything… I would not forgive him (Ya’akov).”

Overall we are excited to keep learning new ways to collage!

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