Ivrit (Hebrew) Everywhere!

In  שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten), we have been really getting into learning עברית (Ivrit-Hebrew).  Everyday children can be heard singing Aleph-bet, in our classroom, in the hallways and even in the bathroom!


Here are some more examples of ways we are learning עברית (Ivrit-Hebrew):

The joy of going on an אות (ot–letter) hunt with a friend.

The excitement of finding an אות (ot–letter) that you know, thats not in your שם (shem-name).

Its so wonderful when we can work together to find matches!

Discovering an עברית (Ivrit-Hebrew) choice that you really like!

Being able to figure out exactly which אות (ot–letter) you are holding in you hand, independently!

Kol Hakavod for all of the effort you are putting into your עברית (Ivrit-Hebrew) skills, שׁוֹרָשִׁים (Shorashim– ‘roots’ for nursery) and שְׁתִּילִים (Shteelim– ‘saplings’ for kindergarten) !

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