Can We Keep Reading?!

This week in Anafim v’ Alonim (“Branches” and “Oak Trees” for 4th and 5th grade children) we engaged with a new text in our current theme of “Ya’akov v’ Esav” (Jacob and Esau).  We explored the first half of Genesis 32.  Many beautiful things came about during the introduction of the text.

Children were so engaged by our new text.  One child said “Morah Miryam! Can you PLEASE keep reading, I have to know what happens!”  Another child chimed in, “yeah this is so exciting!”  WOW!

One conversation I was lucky to over hear about the text about why Esav (Esau) was so angry:

Child 1: Why does Esav (Esau) want to kill everybody?

Child 2: Well we don’t know that yet.

Child 1: I mean like why are they preparing?

Child 2:  Remember a couple texts back how he stole his blessing?  That’s why he wants to get revenge!

Child 1: OOOOOH!!!!!!

I can see how children are sewing together the different texts we have been reading and separating out different strands they see surfacing in the text.

Here are some pieces are children created this week based off of the first half of Genesis 32:


“They are wrestling. The angel and Ya’akov (Jacob). I thought it was kind of strange that someone is just wrestling some other random person. So I decided to draw. Well it is strange this guy just says ‘ooo this looks like a good wrestling match.'”


“It’s the camps and potential raid, like it could potentially be a raid. Ya’akov set up the camps. When Ya’akov (Jacob) stole Esav’s (Esau) blessing and Esav (Esau) got mad so now he wants to raid and kill him.”


“My thoughts were that camels have humps. Those humps could symbolize the two camps Ya’akov (Jacob) had.”

I can’t wait to see what incredible questions and ideas continue to surface in Beit Anafim v’ Alonim as we continue our exploration together!

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